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  • Oblivi0us : He used fire rounds! :-P
  • desislava : :lol: it's so nice «link» they have cheaters :idea: and that mean normal players back ;) cheaters too :-o soon servers will be filled with players :-P
  • Oblivi0us : Thanks :x «link»
  • Oblivi0us : GerCry servers are still full too, no one losses :) :x
  • desislava : :shock: what you doing - your ~oceanic~ are half full - that is great (cause of 6 days from gamespy dead) , if you continue with that tempо maybe after few days your server will be filled with players always :oops:
  • Oblivi0us : DieAerzte94 is really a great man, answered all questions and fast
  • desislava : Here «link» all can see more info about our Crysis Wars Extended mod , BUT on that thread they talk about 1.1.0 and we use the newest 1.1.4 one (has many changes from 1.1.0) Use that thread for more info only please. For download use only the newest 1.1.4 version (the latest one is 1.1.4) «link» GermanCrysis thread
  • -DES-NaglyKot : new games is broken :(
  • Oblivi0us : Very nice, I have mapped on the source engine/Halflife 2
  • -DES-NaglyKot : in the past I made maps for unreal tournament 2003
  • -DES-NaglyKot : or like Unreal Editor
  • Oblivi0us : Yeah, EA is broken, BF4 needs mod tools like crymod..
  • -DES-NaglyKot : i be play again, Blitz Village...
  • -DES-NaglyKot : I like bf4 small - face to face map & small capture the flag map. Favorite Siege of Shanghai. But we cant create custom maps for BF4 :(
  • desislava : ok send request on Steam, I will accept all :)
  • Oblivi0us : You have Steam? Add me there :) pm
  • desislava : I love CS «link» if you have that game you can try :evil: vs me «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : I think Blitz Village map not bad, i be play again. :idea:
  • Oblivi0us : People enjoy the custom maps and I always give them TAC Guns and God Mode :-P
  • desislava : I know where is the key - the key is on empty server - nobpdy come (and will come), what say Winnie the Pooh ... empty server - nobody come , full server - all wish to enter - there is the key - look Oblivi0us server are new but always have players, why ? Because always have players.. :roll:
  • Oblivi0us : Back before GameSpy went down, Crysis Wars multiplayer was semi-active, only 15-20 players online. I think we have even more or about the same as we did during Gamespy.
  • desislava : GermanCrysis patches are downloaded more than 2000 times (on download links we have counters - not for click only - for finished downloads!!!) Their patches are mentored in more than 70 magazines and gamers sites - they have great instructions (how to install) in Steam and Origin and ? And you say no players in Crysis Wars ? Sorry I can not understand that! Excuse me :mrgreen:
  • Oblivi0us : I am not angry, just a little anxious...I get killed on spawn all the time lol :-o
  • -DES-NaglyKot : In any case, we need more Crysis Wars players on the savannah.
  • desislava : nobody anymore care about them, left him alone - they was completely dead before 10 days and now they are 24/7/365 empty :arrow: and By the way Oblivi0us , dont be angry to me, It's normal men to pamper me ( click on my name in forum and you will see me ;) )
  • desislava : not need! You are good man! Thaks for your support :x I need you :roll: and I am happy ;) you are here and help
  • Oblivi0us : Thank you, I will contact this great man :x
  • Oblivi0us : I am not rich you see :oops:
  • desislava : please ask Die Aertze for more info, my network engineer is on vacantion :) excuse me please, and by the way I am a woman, and no one from our sex can be impressed with 10 Euros :roll: maybe with 1000 :x Sorry that at least was girl's humor :)
  • Oblivi0us : You derail this discussion even more, I was going to donate 10 Euro but I find that some things are lacking here. Misunderstand what I say, it is a server setting not anything about accounts use google translate
  • desislava : sorry answer is no, please stop that conversation
  • desislava : for that players who obtain permanent accounts - like you :grin: it's easy ... but for others :| chance :mrgreen:
  • Oblivi0us : It is a feature of phoenix 2.1 admin mod, which I love very much. These weapons are very bad and makes the game unfair on some maps. I will search for the documents to help
  • desislava : yes answer is no, its so hardly to be realised, read Die Aertze instruction «link» more carefully - he mentored something about accounts somewhere. and again - no chance :x sorry
  • Oblivi0us : Please do this for me, I cannot do it alone with commands, it requires server files
  • Oblivi0us : This is so upset :( Oh well No because u don't know or not possible? :oops:
  • desislava : answer is simply :arrow: no , but I am impressed too, cause you bring all players who exist in crysis in to your server :oops:
  • -DES-VAN40 : :shock: I am impressed - more than 70 gamers sites all around the world mentored about Crysis & Crysis Wars «link» patch who resurrect online multiplayer services
  • desislava : «link» Blitz game rules is simple - somewhere in the map have two laptops - when you obtain access (need to be US only) - the laptop finally call US Aviation - and they kill all enemy team and round is finish. All that ideas was from CS - Terrorists add the bomb, and police have short time to defuse it. In Crysis - if you are Korean - you have 1 min. to destroy (defuse) Laptop and he will not call US aviation - Korea win the round. If you die - you can NOT respawn anymore (like in CS) need round to be finished !!! Counter Strike : Global Offensive lovers come and try our Crysis Wars version. Personally I am big CS lover «link» that is my CS proffile in Steam
  • desislava : Blitz gamemode server is active, free registration on that private forum are now closed ;)
  • desislava : Thanks Steam Users «link» for amazing instruction! :x Finally Crysis stay Legendary! All gamers magazines mentored about GermanCrysis patch «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Это тоже надо по новой на german crysis - Простая инструкция, как играть в CrysisWars без GameSpy: «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Простая инструкция, как играть в Crysis-1 без GameSpy: «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Простая инструкция, как играть в Crysis-1 без GameSpy: «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Я должен пропустить пункт регистрации? инструкцию писать без этапа регистрации?
  • -DES-VAN40 : :idea: strange player play now in Crysis Wars SteelMill server, but him name is most strange: shutdown -h now :lol:
  • -DES-embak : ошибка - сделай твоя инструкция , ть хорошее делаеш все :oops: respect
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Вопрос по Crysis-1: Почему работает без регистрации? В инструкции GermanCrysis сказано, что необходима регистрация!
  • Oblivi0us : Desi, Crysis Oceanic needs a restart, some IA and TIA maps not working when I use the !map command
  • -DES-VDGS : :) х10
  • desislava : oo я убию его :evil: , иди :grin: :-P
  • -DES-VDGS : плохо :-( , Desi. Я думал к тебе в гости приехать. Думал -DES-embak за границу уедет :mrgreen:
  • TranceEnergy : Guess who is back...hehe :evil:
  • desislava : I am on savanna, as my friends know I am savanna girl :evil: all are welcome :roll:
  • desislava : в деревню :grin: правильно написала?
  • -DES-VDGS : Desi привет) Отдыхать -DES-embak поедит в другую страну?? :)
  • desislava : cause of Oblivi0us ask me, I wish to answer - our master do not cost millions of USD (than original Gamespy) and we can not show more than 200 external servers in game list (100 for Crysis + 100 for Crysis Wars), and excuse as our servers not have same power as original - cause of that our players should to wait + 5 more seconds to be able to see in-game servers list :x Happy gaming, I love you all
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Скоро будет для Crysis-1
  • -DES-NaglyKot : «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Embak! дополнил инструкцию для CrysisWars. Важное изменение! Теперь более корректно (снова пункт 5).
  • Oblivi0us : Forget them, but steal their players so our serves will always be full
  • -DES-embak : Quoted from DesiSlava: "They are selfish group of amateurs who wish to build illegal solutions - from him site all can download CrysisWars for free as "demo" version, but all knows Wars not have demo versions. They (and others selfish amateur clans) will be forgotten very soon. Believe me." Yes that is the true :roll:
  • -DES-embak : yes guys our partners from GermanCrysis are so popular in all Europe «link» that is the most popular gamers magazine in Germany - and they talk about Crysis patch ;) Thank you GerCry Team :-o Yerterday in Crysis was more than 32 players and in Wars was 12 - 15 /thanks to Jenya(RUS)/ I think Crysis finaly stay Legendary «link»
  • Oblivi0us : Thank you now the fun begin ;)
  • desislava : done, you obtain admin rights
  • Oblivi0us : I laughed, you are funny....Crytek is very broken but crydev still has an active forum
  • Oblivi0us : This is okay, I am just showing the greatness that comes from Crysis :)
  • desislava : bad, links are broken (such as crytek company) and reason for who we do not add your map inside patch was Nature map pack ... was so heavy to add inside installer
  • Oblivi0us : Please look, here is my map «link»
  • HELLOWorld : k. yes. thx :) so then bb
  • Oblivi0us : I am just one Crysis fan, don't know DieAertze
  • Oblivi0us : You are the key to success :x
  • desislava : I am not owner of him solutions
  • desislava : for all you should to ask GerCry - they can resolve all
  • desislava : It's late in Bulgaria too, bye, and do not forget - that closed forum is always open for our members ...
  • HELLOWorld : y would be cool. so have to go.. its late in germany ^^
  • Oblivi0us : I will return to making maps if we grow more
  • Oblivi0us : If possible, definitely open master server for all.... ban who u want but just do the right thing, this is a crucial time for the Crysis community
  • Oblivi0us : Just have this on Steam, they should pick up for us
  • HELLOWorld : friendly*
  • HELLOWorld : ...some clans would frienly play some nice matchs against each other... just for fun, :) ...
  • HELLOWorld : lets hope that best :) Also it would be nice if therea re not so fastly bad things about other moders. idk why it changed so fastly in hate but as i know zi, amd, titan and other modders. so i think its not fair to talk bad about him. also in the other direction to talk bad about gercry,... Hope this Hatemessages stops from all sides :) and maybe one day all modders, serverhosters, crysis fans from different clans will come together and play some nice matches... omg how awsome would it be if s
  • desislava : we are "closed"forum (not free as before) and we allow to be registered our custommers only
  • desislava : I think you can to resolve all differences with GerCry soon, And you will be always welcome here, please make your accont with name who all knows you, add real e-mail and avatar ... soon we will continue conversation .. I am pretty sure all Germans will be together
  • desislava : the right way is maybe like CounterStrike Global Offensive - server files for all too - but they (servers( can be banned from VALVE masterserver and server owners accounts can be suspended
  • HELLOWorld : y i think too. zi is also lua moder not only c++. He created the levedesigner, and other stuff, FairPlay Modders, HS Modders, are too lua modders. xd to get them all together and dont work against would be a dream. but that seems impossible. they will leave crysis one by one i think.
  • desislava : exist one game .. Battlefield 3 .. 4 and maybe soon will exit new , they never give server files to the community and him servers is always cheat-free, players are happy and him game servers are always filled with players, but compared to Crysis ? Servers for all, and servers filled with cheaters ...
  • desislava : your group too
  • desislava : I am open for all, but owners of the patch is GerCrysis - I think soon you will be together with Germancrysis :x believe me
  • desislava : we no need C++ modders anymore (they can hack/crack so easy) but map-creators and LUA coders will be always welcome - they always make games better
  • HELLOWorld : I thought often there are many crysis moders who love this game so much. the best would be to get them all toghether. but currenlty it seems that this can be only a dream. cause there are some useless undeclaired hates :(
  • desislava : you and DieAertze talk one language - it's so easy - phone them and resolve differences
  • desislava : I think all Germany need to be together, not like as (Bulgarians- we always are one vs others). DieAertze is smart (seems like you) and I think one conversation with them will resolve all problems
  • HELLOWorld : y i understand. we all hate hackers/cheaters . but im sure that Zi is not a hacker or one of his community members.
  • desislava : LUA especially
  • desislava : yes, we need devs :(
  • desislava : soon will have many players my friend, look the biggest Germany Gamer's magazine talk for GermanCrysis - soon they will need more than 3-4 servers. People hate to play with hackers/cheaters and GermanCrysis will give to players that comfort - once banned - leave crysis at all
  • HELLOWorld : here is a tutorial video of zi. maybe it explains it better what i want to say :) «link»
  • HELLOWorld : y im from germany :) Y crysis is and stay legendary but i think mayn servers will close. there are not enought players to fill only one server with 32 players. Its sadly but without GS many lazy ppl will not find the way to mp :(
  • desislava : Personaly I dont know him, one of my workers say few bad about that kid, nothing more, but I am open for all, that all need to know
  • desislava : its not true, finaly Crysis stay legendary - I think a lot of players will come soon, no more hacking.cracking - once banned - no chance to play Crysis again (ban for all servers)
  • desislava : owners of him patch are GermanCrysis, if they ask me, I will open my gateways immediately and all servers will be shown (only CD-enabled servers)
  • HELLOWorld : idk but i dont think zi trys hacking/crashing or what ever. he ahs his own little community. why he should try to attack them? Crysis is anyway dead. would be totaly stupid to attack others server. it would kill the whole game more then destroy the target server
  • desislava : As I know you are German, GermanCrysis are German's too - please talk with them, I am owner of one small "family"host company and nothing more
  • desislava : they ask me for direct support, to reject Slovak access to him servers, why?
  • HELLOWorld : i know him too (DieAertze ) i dont need to ask him. just ask him who support gercry for spawn buildings. O_o zi not hacks XD check out his youtube toturials. XD he shows how to make anticheat not how to make hacks ^^
  • desislava : I am open for all, but I will hever support hacking/cracking , excuse me please, it's my personal choice
  • desislava : we will never support solutions developed by hackers, for more info Ask DieAertze from German Crysis - he will give a more info about Zi's hacking group
  • HELLOWorld : why are you so unfair desislava? he didnt even hurt you or something else!?
  • HELLOWorld : 8. As many knows that hosting a server in crysis is not easy. some are crashing it and destroing others work. HotSpot, Desislava, GerCry, NoobHunters,.. got crashed And its for sure that GerCry isnt clean at all! asswell as many other clans. 9. Idk why embak changed his mind so fast. before he told me that he not realy like GerCry cause the things between GerCry and NoobHunters,.. But maybe its money changed his mind fastly. 10. I know GerCry, HotSpot, OneExctasy,FairP lay,.. and all have/had ni
  • desislava : thanks for the info Hello World, please go away and be happy
  • HELLOWorld : and published Toturial on youtube about "How to make your own crysis mod" Nobody before him did something like that, not desislava,not gercry, not hotspot, nobody 6. He shows GerCry how to spawn buildings on maps!. He helped Crysis world so much and you call him hacker. Is that fair? 7. Yes he also created a GameSpy solution which works. And its free and opensource (again opensource!!!). Why again call him hacker homemade shit crap idiot,..? 8. Ass many knows that hosting a server in crysis is
  • HELLOWorld : WOW DesMasters. keep cool ^^ I think you missunderstood something: Here Some Facts about GerCry,Zi and the rest; 1. GerCry are old and know ServerHosters 2. GerCry has nice mod (by AMD, i know him) 3. GerCry was running NoCD Key Servers as many others too 4. DesClan members like embak i think 100% know how to make No-Cd Key Server. And im sure that he knows that its not hacking to block firewall ports ^^ 5. Zi is a young man who love crysis like you and others. He created his own mod and pub
  • desislava : by the way GermanCrysis are quite popular in Germany «link» and in all European Union - look - that are from one big magazine
  • desislava : the map is big ... by the way Cell666 (creator of that map) hate Cry-Devs (before long time he delete all him maps from CryDev site - and show to all world what amateurs are him forum members
  • desislava : thanks to the God, game is over for all of them, him amateurs solutions are unfinished and will be forgotten soon
  • Oblivi0us : Yeah, I never liked their mesa server that much, altho it was fun at times
  • desislava : =OGW= are selfish group of amateurs who wish to build illegal solutions too , from him site you can download CrysisWars for free as "demo" version, but all knows Wars not have demos. They (and others selfish amateur clans) will be forgotten very soon. Beliebe me.
  • Oblivi0us : Not to stir the pot, I hear them say (OGW) bad things about GerCry, like they are trying to make everyone come only to there server
  • desislava : ok I will come, wait a second pls :x
  • desislava : its Chezsh-Slovak and Poland group of hackers , they provide illegal server/game hacking/cracking , but for more info ask DieAertze
  • Oblivi0us : The Crater map is beautiful at night, come see it with me :x
  • Oblivi0us : EA is cancer,
  • desislava : excuse as but we can not provide support of hacked/cracked solutions who avoid copyrights (no more free (no-cd key) solutions)
  • desislava : they're band of hackers who hack crytek games , yes I hear about him hacking ...

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