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  • -DES-embak : done - all repaired - please test all and read PM please :oops:
  • desislava : Becoming authorized Big Brother Bot «link» host we receive the newest official 64 bit. ( all HomeFront players can see that with in game chat command: !b3 and !paversion ) B3 ultra-fast version with more and enhanced chat commands ( all commands in HomeFront should to begin with symbol ! ) Enjoy our real (not cloud) dedicated server power. Here «link» Homefront players can see him kill/death stats. Report cheaters here «link»
  • desislava : WARNING: New accounts created on that site have one day to set him names and avatars - without that settings they will be automatically DELETED after one day :x
  • desislava : We start two new servers: Homefront demo server are online - thesse «link» maps «link» may be required to play in our Homefront server, and new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat server are online too :grin: Enjoy the zero lag power with our servers «link» and feel free to test all. :evil:
  • desislava : all my servers are (and was) Dx10 enabled from the beginning :idea: but thanks :oops: I enable only day/night cycle (day/night cycle are not Dx10) :x
  • dozA : хочу от души поблагодарить администратора, который поставил DX10 на PS-LARGE! :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : ок, ответил
  • dozA : в личку написал тебе прочти сообщение
  • -DES-embak : «link» here can be seen server prices. Write PM to me in forum «link» what we should to do, what game (crysis-1 , crysis wars , stalker , Homefront) or another game (first we should to make server and turn him online and if all are OK - finally you should to pay for server.....
  • dozA : в какой ссылке я могу заказать сервер?
  • -DES-embak : FOR EXAMPLE: how to enter in Maverick Server located in USA who are not in server list - click down right on button "CONNECT TO IP" «link» enter server IP and PORT and click on "CONNECT" button «link» - that is all
  • dozA : да, спасибо :)
  • -DES-embak : :twisted: работает ?
  • -DES-embak : Same Crysis-1 mod in our forum «link»
  • -DES-embak : for more info ask AlphA, but I think No
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Is "flying" still possible?
  • -DES-embak : Highly recommend that «link» to all Crysis-1 users, Graphics :?: stay great !!! Русские сюда «link»
  • -DES-alpHa : i'm here to help, just keep in touch friend =)
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : first i have too learn everything again. i forgot a lot! :grin:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : Now you can obtain FULL admin rights in desislava server and can use !bank commands in GermanCrysis servers and in new Fusion.UESE server too :twisted: cheers admin
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi embak, NOW i found PM.. ( silly me :???: ) Everything work, thank you!
  • -DES-embak : Caesar, check your PM in desislava forum here «link» and use that proffile/password for to obtain admin rights. Please DELETE in game DEFAULT profile and then make NEW profile with name CaesarBravo :oops: here «link» you can see all server commands, and if you wish to use in game, need to print to paper :)
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi alpha, i go to desislava-server :-o
  • -DES-embak : dozA's stats in ESL (Electronic Sports Legaue) «link» And here detail body stats «link» and here All rounds finished «link»
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi Alpha, old friend. I will, for sure.
  • -DES-alpHa : tell me on skype when you play caesar !!
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : HI embak, thanks for the link. It works now again. Right now i played crysis after 2 years pause! Great!! :evil:
  • -DES-embak : Crysis 1 have so many players ( more than Wars :-( ) Install the latest official German Crysis patch from here «link» All languages are supported :oops:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : i want to play crysis 1 in multyplay. Is there any server still alive? How can i connect to server?
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Good evening!
  • -DES-embak : Wars is NOT empty anymore :) every day play 15-20 people on servers :evil:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : thank you!
  • desislava : you will obtain the same admin rights as before, and your "right" hand will be your moderator Alpha. Your rights can be used after master server restart (tomorrow at the morning) in desislava server. That is all. Thank you Sir. Thank you for support :oops:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : desi, can you pls help me to find personal message? thanks
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi desi, thank you! Sad to hear this but nothing is for ethernity. At least AlPha is here, he was the best trainer i had in crysis and the best character.
  • desislava : Hi my Crysis admin, you have Personal Message in forum. By the way together with out partners from GermanCrysis we safe Crysis from GameSpy doom. I wish to you and your family all the best from the bottom of my heart. (P.S. Your right hand will be only AlPha because all others leave ...)
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi, old friends, happy new year for you and healty 2015!
  • -DES-VDGS : Happy New Year, Friends :)
  • desislava : happy new 2015 :evil: friends
  • -DES-alpHa : Hello guys, Happy New Year to everybody !! :evil:
  • SHITMAN : HELO old friends!! I wish to all happy Christmas with health and one more wish to play again all somewhere
  • BERG : Спасибо.
  • -DES-embak : Battlefield-3 cost only €0,99 this weekend on Origin «link» Battlefield-3 стоить только €0,99 сеичась :cool: идите, постреляемся
  • BERG : Привет всем. Где теперь весь народ играет, те кто играл на desislava?
  • -DES-VDGS : хорошо)
  • -DES-VDGS : -DES-embak ты че там пива напился?? :twisted: Че молчишь?? :arrow: , друг мой
  • -DES-VDGS : А что именно запланированно сделать с Crysis Wars?) Привет :)
  • desislava : «link» mean - I have finished my job in Crysis-1 with great success (flowers are my prise from the community). Это значит - я закончила свою работу в Crysis-1 с большим успехом (цветы это мой приз от сообщества). Now I begin to work for Crysis Wars. Теперь я начинаю работать для Crysis Wars.
  • -DES-NaglyKot : :idea:
  • desislava : «link»
  • -DES-embak : для ВСЕ Дети которье бьли дбрие - на форуме подарок от дед мороз - «link»
  • -DES-VDGS : я тоже взял) :)
  • -DES-embak : How to install the latest Crysis patch instruction about multiplayer and download «link» Сюда самии новии пач (мультик) для Крйсис.
  • Kirkudu : Embak,привет. Спасибо за ссылку. Купил Crysis. :)
  • -DES-embak : Crysis cost only € 2,49 this weekend on Origin. It's on the price for one chocolate , or for one beer , or two coffees only. Guys - please who still not own original Crysis license - Buy now on Origin from here: «link» Ребята - большие скидки в Origin - сейчас Crysis очень дешевый.
  • desislava : :)
  • ~DES~Ra : :x
  • desislava : hi all :)
  • -DES-VDGS : А их че перед выходом на ринг не проверяют? :idea:
  • -DES-embak : В руки Пулева - нету ничего, но в руки Кличко .....
  • -DES-embak : Но что есть в руки Кличко ? Думаю что-то не очень хорошо. «link» вот смотри
  • -DES-stas2012 : всем привет.Кличко настоящий Украинский козак :grin:
  • -DES-embak : :evil: да ето так. Кличко хорошее всех :mrgreen:
  • -DES-VDGS : Embak бокс посмотрел), жаль вашего бойца)) Но Кличко живее двигался, видимо поэтому и победил))
  • -DES-embak : Read your PM please SUCUN
  • SUCUN : Shitman....come back!!
  • -DES-VDGS : привет Desi :x привет Embak :twisted: )
  • desislava : privet Emo :)
  • desislava : :-o
  • desislava : :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : :twisted:
  • -DES-alpHa : done !
  • -DES-embak : confirmed, read answer pls
  • -DES-alpHa : Embak, please confirm receipt of 03 PMs :cool:
  • -DES-embak : ok my friend
  • -DES-alpHa : i'll send it as soon as possible
  • -DES-embak : :grin:
  • -DES-embak : Ok, my friend, I will :)
  • -DES-alpHa : embak, send me the text to translate !
  • -DES-embak : Привет, скоро будем возобновить :evil: только Шитман ждем (когда он возмет свой комп из мастерскую)
  • -DES-Nostradamus : Hi all! Привет всем!
  • -DES-embak : :twisted: yea, we with Succun and few other old clan members wait for Shitman (to get him computer from service repair centre) and will begin our old crysis fun matches :evil:
  • =DES-Core=alpHa : hello everyone :) nice to see you all & i hope everything going great :-P
  • SHITMAN : «link» is my next
  • SHITMAN : Hello!! we need new game for the dark cold winter!!
  • -DES-embak : :oops: Привет :twisted:
  • -DES-VDGS : Hi all, Friends :)
  • desislava : :oops: our head admin :x
  • IRONHIDE-GR : soon returns
  • -DES-embak : :twisted: Hello my old friend. What about few :evil: on Saturday night :oops:
  • Dead_by_April : Hello Embak, nice to see your name after long time... :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : :-o Shitman come ;) soon we will :evil: all in Crysis: 1 and Crysis: Wars
  • SHITMAN : Hello everyone! my pc going to service,i return to make "jihad to Nomads
  • -DES-embak : Привет друзя. То что написал на Английском язьке бьло для одной старии друг (он умер 5 лет назад :cry: ) Ему назьвают Отец Крайсиса. Он сделал очень хорошие модь. У нас есть поддержку на все модь кроме ГОМНО-мод из -OWG- клана, Если у кто-то есть - удалите его-оно польное дерьмо
  • -DES-VDGS : привет -DES-embak :oops:
  • -DES-embak : Rest in Peace Ralf Hawkeye Ullrich. I am 100% sure Ralf are on better place than Earth. I think :idea: hell are here - on the Earth! We will never forgot you Ralf. Little info about Ralf "the father of crysis coding/modding": The best mod who I see ever was that Crysis Wars mod «link» Thanks to Para & Ralf. If anybody wish to "bring back old great times" DesiSlava can open server who will run original Para&Ralf mod for Crysis Wars. We support that mod too (actually we support ALL crysis wars mods) except CrySucks.pff Noobtwork (personally I highly NOT recommend to use Cry Sucks -OWG- solutions)
  • Para : @ Embak 5. year ago! «link» Greetings Para
  • -DES-embak : welcome SwedeSeaDragon if you have any questions write here in chat or send to me Personal Message in FORUM :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : :| Noobtwork :idea: never heard about proxy Pff
  • SUCUN : jajaja good photo
  • -DES-NaglyKot : NK smile «link»
  • desislava : «link» Thank you Sucun for your support :oops: Without that we can't survive :x Click on your name (or other names) and you will see SUPER-DUPER detailed stats and your Rank. Yes our servers are RANKED !!!
  • SUCUN : OK thanks for the information :)
  • -DES-embak : Personnal message in form - click on forum tab and will see one red letter right up on your screen ...
  • SUCUN : PM? What is that? :mrgreen:
  • -DES-embak : Sucun you have PM on our forum :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : «link» ошибки есть ?
  • -DES-NaglyKot : «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : там кнопка сверху
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Надо скачать .txt документ, что бы увидеть текст. Это гугл мудрит что то, раньше такого не было.
  • -DES-embak : нет , не ошибка, но в инструкции Русскии текст не видно - я вижу только ???????????????? ??????? :mrgreen:
  • -DES-NaglyKot : MWLL-Мод - инструкция «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Это ошибка или нет?
  • -DES-NaglyKot : x86 - это 32bti а не 64bit
  • -DES-NaglyKot : (64 bit): "C: Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsCrytekCrys is WarsMods"
  • -DES-NaglyKot : Перевожу инструкцию для мода MWLL, вроде там ошибка>>> Common users (64 bit): "C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsCrytekCrys is WarsMods"
  • SUCUN : Shitman will be back soon....yeah... :twisted:
  • desislava : here «link» are all players who was played on that server and if you click on any player name you will see detail stats «link» for example who was killed and what was damage on every single place in your body. That is my stats «link»
  • -DES-embak : the Clan not exist anymore - now all players are Clan or maybe all players are the game ;) because without as - no Crysis Wars anymore :cool: I will be happy to see you again. Many old friends too
  • SHITMAN : Hello everyone!! I have desire to play few savanna,yea!! I want to remember few the old days,just few more!!! i will fix my damage from kick my pc and i return after!! I hope to found someone old friend :oops:
  • SHITMAN : Hello everyone!! Private!!
  • desislava : KOT please help «link» need Russian translation for MWLL (Mech Warrior Living Legends) section :x Please help :oops:
  • -DES-NaglyKot : :idea:
  • -DES-VDGS : привет :)
  • DES-Core-PiterPen : Андрюха привет!
  • -DES-embak : Shitman where are you :cry:
  • -DES-embak : :x
  • desislava : :roll:
  • -DES-embak : я тоже на саванну :twisted: comeeee
  • desislava : а можно и «link» MWLL да поиграем (that is Bulgarian language) - it's so closer to Russian language - I mean we can try MWLL-Mod - read instruction and install MWLL :arrow:
  • desislava : :x little Savanna tonight ? или Меса :-o
  • DES-Core-PiterPen : Всё ребятки, разобрался и поставил!
  • DES-Core-PiterPen : Всем привет! Подскажите, что там нужно скачать, что начать играть в Crysis Wars :???:
  • desislava : :x O yes we are the best of the best, yes all others homemade alternatives are fake and not have 10% from that who we have :-o yes I know that we are the best of the best :oops:
  • WoS_Priest_WoS : for that great new GameSpy :idea: That is the original way - no differences than before
  • WoS_Priest_WoS : wow just wow online-gaming-world Crysis Wars solution are completely dead and your solution are the best :twisted:
  • desislava : yes but Russian site who support as was closed (I don't know why) Embak should to find new tracker ... can not track our servers too. Kot please help «link» Germans add MWLL support, can you make a "short Russian instruction" ? Soon they will add CassusBelli support too (that is Battlefield-4 builded on cryengine-2) :x
  • -DES-NaglyKot : А на сайте будет список серверов?
  • -DES-NaglyKot : hi
  • -DES-VDGS : понятно :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : :oops: ответил на форуме в личку
  • -DES-embak : For example look here «link» exist detail stats for all players who was played on that server , and if you see your name - click on it and will see more details and your rank. And here «link» exist stats who kill him and who was killed by him. And if you hold your mouse on nano-costum will see where was shooted that player and what was damage on every place. Yes that is NEW game - old die with gamespy .. bashing superiority !
  • -DES-VDGS : )спасибо -DES-embak)) устал сегодня я, недавно с работы пришел :)
  • -DES-embak : come to Savanna VDGS :twisted:
  • -DES-VDGS : :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : :twisted:
  • ottoivx : hello and happy gaming
  • KSSilence : Hehe :P Getting to help set up a Dell Poweredge R720 Server in class for VMware ESXi. 256GB of Ram and 16x 1TB 2.5" SAS Drives running in raid 10... Dam i wish i had one, thing is so dam quiet,,,,
  • desislava : :idea: Nice :-o
  • KSSilence : ROFL Somehow i appear online twice... Must be because my Desktop at home is logged in, and im also logged in on my Mac using 3G... :idea:
  • Oblivi0us : :oops: :-o
  • desislava : yes, I leave cigarettes before two days :cry: and my head will explode... I am so nervous these days :evil:
  • Oblivi0us : Big coffee drinker? :twisted:
  • Oblivi0us : :mrgreen:
  • Dj-Skrillex : :idea:
  • -DES-embak : оо даа ;) а солнышко жарить :mrgreen: в деревню не легко
  • -DES-VDGS : урожай помидоров собираешь?? :) and drink :twisted: )
  • desislava : :-o very good ;) Очень хорошо
  • -DES-VDGS : ))привет -DES-embak. Как отпуск?? :)
  • -DES-embak : :arrow: good morning my friend VDGS
  • desislava : :arrow: true, all is true
  • Oblivi0us : Every clan doing their own thing is not going to work :idea: :roll:
  • Oblivi0us : This is now how I remember Crysis Wars? 3 servers? 6 player? :mrgreen:

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